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      A World of Joy for your Loved One

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        We nurture the mind of your child
    and lay a foundation for a learned society

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    We Focus on Holistic Development of Your Child
    With Our State Of The Art Curriculum and Pedagogy

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Welcome to Shriram Education

In partnership with Shri Ram Education Trust, Shri Ram New Horizons has forayed into the field of education to create and support quality education across India. The company believes that it shares the responsibility of building in each student intellectual growth which includes strength of characters, attitude of compassion and empathy and a drive for personal achievement and responsibility. We also believe that the growth of mental health is not just limited to acquisition of knowledge, but also ability to use the knowledge for collective good and meaningful use.

Why Us

Shriram Legacy in Education

Shri ram group has over 100 years’ experience in the field of education.

High Quality Curriculum

It is only when the curriculum evolves from the needs of the children .

Use of Technology

Our school puts your kid safety on first priority. We have a full proof child safety.

Superior Infrastructure

Lauded by early childhood experts worldwide, our schools provides every child.

Teacher Training

Insightful and rigorous training to every teaching & non teaching staff during startup.

Policies & Practices

Detailed manuals and guides to start and operate a school from design parameters .

Our Network

We leverage the power of the ever-expanding network of Shri Ram Schools and promote collaboration

Our Assessment

Our assessments focus on identifying what students are good at instead of whether they are good or not.

100% Support

30+ Schools

20+ Cities

Best Pre-School & Primary School in NCR

Our programmes

  • Pre-Primary School

    3-5 Years

    Pre Primary Education is targeted for all kids of ages 3 to 5 before they start their primary school.

  • Primary School

    5-8 Years

    Incorporates educational thinking and effective pedagogical practices. Its implementation has schools.

  • Middle School

    8-12 Years

    Middle School or High School is a school for students older than primary but not yet in High school.

  • Secondary School

    12-14 Years

    Standards IX & X are also called Secondary School. Students from ages 12 to 14 study in this section.

  • Higher Secondary School


    CBSE &state boards of education conduct12th class examination on their level for class 12 students in their schools.

Our Edge

  • 7 C's

    Each Shri Ram Global Student is nurtured to be a contributor to society and mankind using its paramount potentials.

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  • Motor Skills

    Fine motor skills are achieved when children learn to use their smaller muscles, like muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists.

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  • Creativity

    Creativity is a constructive process which results in the production of essentially a new product. Creativity is seeing or expressing .

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  • Personal, Social , Emotionals Skills

    Personal, Social and Emotional development (PSED) are typically grouped together to form one area of Childhood Development.

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  • Language and Literacy Skills

    The single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading is reading aloud to children.

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  • Understanding Our World

    coming soon

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  • Mathmatical and IT Skills

    coming soon...

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  • Habit of Hearts and Habit of Minds

    Habits of Mind and Habits of Heart are ways that a school can articulate the thinking and emotional dispositions that students need, allowing it to focus its resources.

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What our Student says

Initial mentors can set a very good example fo the kids, and definitely they are doing very good work with kids, teaching them in a practical way. Thank you very much for putting so much of efforts


Annaya Mishra

It gives me immense pleasure in sharing that my child is becoming acquainted with the etiquettes which is rudimentary for a good human being. Mentors are motivating the kids to learn which is becoming auto immured


Aashwat Tathya

I really appreciate the school's effort in bringing improvement in my child and bringing his all round dovelopment "Hats off to the teachers"


Ivaan Singh Chawla